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A Beginners Guide to Abstract Inspired Photography

If you love to experiment with diverse and unique photography styles, like impressionist photography, then you are sure to be a creative person with an artistic flair like myself.

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Photographer's Secret Weapon - Vaseline

Vaseline does wonders, not only for your skin, but can also help you to create impressionist masterpieces. You can transform just about any subject into something interesting and exiting. If you like the soft, poetic look in your photographs this simple technique is for you.

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A Voyage of Discovery - Personal Project

Working on a personal project is the best way of reaching the next step with your work. A project, and all the planning, work and follow up that comes with it, has a motivating power that pushes you to do your very best.

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How To Be Inspired Every Day

Whether you have been creating photographs for years or only for few weeks, finding inspiration is not always easy. We all experience periods of creative blocks when we get stuck and all our good ideas come to a halt. Inspiration seems to elude us. So, what can we do to help a creative energy affect us day after day? Is there a way to stay inspired? For me there is a definite “Yes” to these questions.

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How to Maximize Your Photography Workshop Experience

Attending a photography workshop is the best way to learn new skills. Not only will it improve your technique and expand your knowledge, it will also expose you to a range of interesting subjects to shoot and give you an opportunity to meet and have fun with like-minded people.

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Camera Movement and Selective Focus Techniques

From PhotographyBB Online Magazine 33rd Edition

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Five steps to better photograph

Just like athletes, a photographer’s skill comes from hours of training, accompanied by dedicated experimentation.

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The Visual Language of Abstract Photography

From PhotographyBB Online Magazine 35th Edition

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The Impressionist Way

From PhotographyBB Online Magazine 36th Edition

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Poetry of Light

Photography in the first place is a matter of seeing. As photographers we strive to develop the ability not only to respond to and enjoy the world around us, but also to study, analyse and understand it.

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Urban Impressions

From PhotographyBB Online Magazine 40th Edition

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Impressions of Belly Dancing

From PhotographyBB Online Magazine 41st Edition

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Pushing Boundaries

From PhotographyBB Online Magazine 42nd Edition

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Abstract Photography

From PhotographyBB Online Magazine 43rd Edition

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Impressions of Autumn

From PhotographyBB Online Magazine 44th Edition

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